Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) management

IP management. Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights play a vital role in society. They help creators, inventors and developers to drive our businesses, societies and economies. Velticon Ltd. aims to make its IP services accessible and easy to use, as to create synergies within and beyond the EU with its partners and stakeholders. It is vital for enterprises to learn how to recognize and expand the potential of their immaterial value in order to capitalize successfully on this potential through market innovations.

We strive to:

  • Develop initiatives to help innovators, creators and businesses (especially SMEs) protect their IP rights
  • Provide data and tools to support the fight against IP infringement
  • Provide knowledge and learning programmes for businesses and IP practitioners

Who benefits:

  • The users of IP registration systems, particularly small & medium-sized businesses
  • User Associations and Research Consortiums
  • All international bodies in the IP field. International Partnerships
  • Public to Private Partnerships
  • Universities, Research Institutes, Researchers, Scientists
  • Organizations, Joint Ventures, Spin offs, Spin Out
  • Inventors, Industry Professionals, Top Managers, Importers-Exporters
  • Artists, Curators, Writers, Authors

More Value for you. We offer win2win services:

  • Protection of Industrial Design / Trademarks / Copy Rights
  • Cooperation with EU, IP Enforcement Portal, for the protection of genuine products, against counterfeit, illegal imports, contraband, etc.
  • Special IP managing toolbox for your company
  • IP Valuation. Recording and Exploitation of company’s intangible assets
  • Management of confidential business information. Memorandum of Understanding Agreements (M.O.U), Non-Disclosure Agreements (N.D.A)
  • IP Due Diligence
  • Strategic tax planning. A special tax regime in Cyprus
  • Incentives for IP operation in Cyprus
  • “Freedom to Operate” analysis for research projects and collaborations
  • Sub-contracts with research consortiums and researchers, for IP allocation and protection to all partners
  • IPR assignment to any European Grant Agreement
  • Special IP partnership agreements

Protect originals

Rights holders can protect their products against counterfeiting by sharing information on their products, IP rights and contact data with EU enforcement authorities, through our Network. This will make it easier for enforcers to recognise originals from fake goods (on the basis of information such as packaging, identifiers, logistics), contact the rights holders if needed and take action.

File and extend customs’ Application for Action (AFA) electronically

This legal document is necessary for any customs administration to take action on your behalf on products counterfeiting your IP rights.

If you are a small business owner looking for support in managing your intellectual property (IP) with Velticon Ltd. being your legal representative for IP protection and consultancy, you will find guides, eLearning resources, making the most of IP assets such as trademarks, designs and patents.

OPEN A RIGHTS HOLDER ACCOUNT in partnership with Velticon Ltd.

We offer to Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), IP management tools in conjunction with the legal, accounting and financial consultation, aiming to optimize the value chain for your products/services adding more value to your business. Our IP managing toolbox adds a strong competitive advantage to your company. Therefore, we make your enterprise aware of the intellectual capital you own and the existing tools for the exploitation of intellectual assets and their transformation into commercial values.

The intellectual property (IP) and copyrights are some of the most significant assets of your company.

The protection of Intellectual Property copyrights is essential as it provides the owners a vast amount of advantages. Protecting IP, intangible assets of the company can turn into financially valuable capitals, while the acknowledgment and development of these strength points can position the establishment in a competitive level with many advantages.